DIY Wall Painting!

So I have been dying to make something pretty for my house so I browsed around on Pinterest and found this awesome painting and I decided to make it. It was super simple so here are the instructions 🙂

Your Supplies:

-Assorted Paintbrushes

-4 Canvas (2 the same size and the other 2 a different size)

-Back Ground Paint. I went with a Burgundy Red for the back ground and a bright white for the branches

What I did First:

I found my Inspiration:


You can find the actual link to this here.

My Next Step:

Was to paint the canvas… and this actually took a while. The color I chose had me doing about 4 coats

of paint while allowing for drying time in between.


Then once they were done I lined them up unevenly


Then I free handed the branch and just started adding leaves and a bird and flowers 🙂


And here it is Finished and Hung up on my Wall 🙂


Good Luck!!


My Quest

Okay, so its been a long while since my last post. I’ve never really been good at keeping up on these things anyway. It’s funny how life just happens and before you know it you really never stopped being busy and more than two months have flown by. Life has been pretty hectic lately, my significant other started school and I do the single mom thing Monday through Thursday. I pretty much wake up, take Ava to school, go to work, pick Ava up from school, come home, cook dinner, put Ava to bed, make lunches then happily plant my behind on the couch with a tall glass of wine and my favorite show. Given that routine not much gets accomplished.


I am writing to you today because I feel that it is necessary to share with you where my mind is right now. Raise your hand if you feel like there is something out there that is calling you but every time you go to it you find yourself a little further away. Kind of like those dreams you have where you are trying to run as fast as you can but the tunnel keeps getting longer. That is where I am right now. I am on the very verge of what I feel like is a spiritual awakening. I am more at peace with everything in my life but I am still ruled by the fact that I don’t have time to do anything but my day to day blah blah blah!


I have tried waking up early to accomplish things but to put it straight forward… I am not really excited to get up early which happens to be the only time I get my much needed sleep but also the only real time I have in the day for myself. So to sleep or not to sleep that is the question! I swear I tell myself every night that tomorrow will be the day that I get up early and really start my day off right… however when the alarm goes off I can hear my mind saying get up but my body says… wait, wait just 10 more minutes you are so warm and comfy right now.  I really need to start doing what my mind is telling me to do.


So anyways I was curious the other day and did a tarot spread on myself to see what the next 12 months have in store for me. I was very curious mainly because when the New Year rolled around I was not quite sure about my feelings for 2014 and was feeling some negativity and anxiety coming from the months ahead.  Come to find out that I am right. This year is not going to be fun for me, but I need to experience everything that it has to offer because I am about to butterfly and need to go through some pretty heavy shit to get there.  


I am mainly focusing on my spiritual health this year and the journey ahead is not a walk in the park. It will be an actual JOURNEY. I have been in this process of spiritual enlightenment since 2010 and it has taken me 4 years to get to this point where I am ready to start seeking teachers and also to pass my message along. I feel that my calling in life is to get to where I need to be and share the process along the way.


So please join me on this exciting path and please don’t mind that I’ve switched gears a little bit. I hope you enjoy my blog and that it helps you on what ever spiritual journey you are on. 🙂 

DIY Girls Parrot Costume!

Well… Hello there!

Halloween is tomorrow and I wanted to share the costume that I made for my daughter this year!

She only changed her mind a million times but finally I got her to agree on something.

She simply looked at her stuffed animal parrot and was like… I wanna be THIS!

Okay…. I can work with that!

I have step by step instructions but I only have photos of the final result.

Here is what you need:

For the skirt…..

2- 50 yard rolls of Red Tulle

1- 25 yard roll of Bright Blue Tulle

2- yards of Yellow Tulle

1- Piece of Elastic… or Stretchy Head Band (If you are going with the elastic you will need a sewing machine)

For the feather headdress…..

1- Headband

1- Piece of Red Felt

12 inches of Fuzzy Red Feather Boa (In the fabric section where  you can buy ribbon by the yard)

2- Packs of Colorful Craft Feathers ( I found these at Wal-mart)

1- Hot Glue Gun

For the top….

1- Long Sleeve Red Shirt

1- Red Feather Boa

I cheated and bought the wings… I could have made them but didn’t want to spend the time. I bought them at the Thrift Store for $10 but you can find them anywhere.

To make the skirt all you do is measure and sew the elastic to fit snug around your mini me and sew it at your marker, then take your tulle and measure the length from mini me’s hips to the ground (or length you want the skirt) and double it. Cut the tulle into the strips and loop knot it around the elastic with the red tulle first.

Once the all the Red tulle is on there then do the same things with your blue tulle except you are only going to be focusing on the back end of the skirt where the Parrot tail would be. Once your blue is all on then put the yellow on. I put them on in different places so that the colors would blend and not look blocky.

Once you have all your tulle on the skirt put it on mini me and start to cut different lengths in the top layer of the red tulle to give some depth and that “poofy” look. At the back I cut a ton of layers in to the blue and yellow to give it a cascade tail like effect.

Your skirt is finished! Great Job…

Next I made the feather headdress, all you do is cut two circles out of the felt and use your glue gun to glue the feathers on half of the circle in layers use the fuzzy feathers to cover up the exposed spot where the bottom of the feathers are. Cut a few strips of the felt and wrap the head band with it using your glue. Wait for everything to dry then put your feather circles by the part of the headband right above where the ears would be. Fold the circle in half around the headband and use glue to seal it on there.

Feather Headdress Done!

To put the costume together I have her first put on the red shirt, put the skirt over it, wrap her up with the Red Feather Boa, throw them wings on her, put the headdress on and vollia! You have yourself a super cute Parrot!!





Good Luck! Feel free to comment with any questions!


Off To The Races!

Soo it is exactly 2 weeks since I started this coupon adventure… and let me tell you that I give props and high fives to the people who do this all day every day… I can totally see where this can turn into a full time job!

But…. I have a confession,

I am addicted now… yup…

My last trip to Wal-Mart I went on a coupon adventure and I scored! Why have I not been doing this forever now?? It’s hard work but when you turn a $60 trip to a $10 trip you get so excited that your checker and the people around you are rooting for you!

I even had people asking me if I was an “Extreme Couponer” ha ha!

I Wish!

I have at least a 6 month supply of toothpaste, mouth wash and floss. I have 2 months of cereal, 6 months of deodorant, 2 months of Laundry soap, and 6 months of shampoo… for $10!

Alright moving on… my point to this whole post was to let you know some things I’ve learned the hard way…

1. Dont get super excited and print off 5 billion coupons…then clip and sort in one day.

2. Do your Research!

3. Come up with an organization method that works for you. I use the binder method and use the categories at  

4. Find a way to organize your organization…

Okay so #4 is a tad cryptic and what I mean by organize your organization is that first… your coupons need to be in categories. That way you are not shuffling through a massive stack of coupons trying to find all 5 of your $1 off coupon. Now you have organization. Next you have 50 different massive baby stacks which also sucks because you are still flipping through coupons to see IF you have that dang coupon.

The secret I swear…you are gonna hate me but it’s an Excel spread sheet. I ain’t gonna lie… this takes friggin forever! Like hours if you don’t start from the very beginning. I am about halfway done and I did it all day yesterday. BUT I seriously recommend it for 2 reasons.

Reason #1: You have a list that you can sort by expiration date/category and you can see all the coupons you you have. You can also know if you have that actual coupon as apposed to flipping through the whole stack only to find you don’t have it.

Reason #2: You really understand your coupon. When you are typing $.50/2 xyz brand… you know exactly what your coupon is worth and what you can use it for.


Here is an example of my system 🙂

Hope you enjoy! Good Luck!


DIY Air Vent Make Over!

This has to be one of my favorite DIY projects! I love it because its cheap and easy and the results are amazing. All you need is the ugly vents in your house… you can also do your door knobs, cabinet hardware or anything you want! A can of spray paint and a few hours for drying time.

Step One:

Gather your vents and put them on a sprayable surface.

image (15)

I did this in my garage 🙂

Step Two: Get your Spray Paint.

 image (11)

I love the Rust-Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze

Step Three: Spray your Vents

image (16)

Let dry for a few hours and put back in their places

Good Luck!!


Get Motivated!

Today I would like to share with you how I organize my fitness regimen. I have tried 100 different ways to stay in shape and eat right but putting it down on paper has been the most effective way.

I HATE guess work and to me it is so much easier to plan and be ready when you are already knowing what to expect. I like to plan meals on a weekly basis and my work outs monthly.

My pictures are not steller…. but I am a beginner so I’m not all tech savy with the blog yet 🙂

Here is my Eating Schedule for this week:

weekly meals

My October Work Out Schedule:

Oct Calendar

And… November:

Nov Calendar

Click on the Pictures to get a bigger view and Feel free to use any of this 🙂

Have a healthy day friends!!


Pineapple Chicken Sandwiches

I swear that a nice easy meal is the best way to end the day, however it is difficult to find something that not only gets on the table fast but it cant have a ton of ingredients… Something with really no recipe to read… That will fill you up… and most importantly taste good. I don’t know about you but it is difficult to find something for dinner that has all the above traits. Most the time my family likes to eat “I don’t know” and “what ever you want.”

Anyway… a while back my significant other made this for dinner because he had remembered a sandwich that used to be at Boston Market.

It is a SUPER easy meal and once you do it you will never have to look at the recipe again.


(Feeds Four)

Ingredients Needed:

  • 2 Large Chicken Breasts
  • 4 Pineapple Slices
  • Hamburger Buns
  • Kikkoman Teriyaki Sauce with Pinapple and Honey
  • Mayo
  • Lettuce

I usually will use pasta salad and baked beans for sides 🙂



Trim Fat off Chicken and Sprinkle Both Sides with Salt.


Heat up a skillet to Medium High and Cover Chicken.


Cook About 12-15 Minutes Each Side Covered.

Remove and Baste with Teriyaki Sauce


Chop Breasts to Thin Slices and Baste with More Sauce.


Toast Your Buns 🙂 Then Put Your Fixings On.




Done and Done!




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